The Leonard Lab is committed to enabling an emerging paradigm of design-driven medicine by integrating synthetic biology with systems biology to address pressing challenges in medicine and biotechnology.

Using synthetic biology, protein engineering, gene therapy, biophysics and computational systems biology, we develop technologies such as mammalian and microbial cell-based “devices,” immune therapies for cancer and chronic disease, smart vaccines, biosensors for global health applications, and evolvable metabolic engineering platforms.

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News & Events

Aug 2014 - Daringer et al. paper highlighted in the Society for Biological Engineering Connections E-Newsletter Read More

Aug 2014 - Congratulations to Michelle Hung on her first first author research article! Read More

Aug 2014 - Congratulations to Joseph Muldoon on being appointed to the Biotechnology cluster!

Aug 2014 - Welcome Patrick Donahue to the Lab!

Jun 2014 - Welcome Joseph Muldoon to the Lab!

Jun 2014 - Congratulations to Yishan Chuang for successfully defending her thesis!

Jun 2014 - Research featured on Northwestern’s Office for Research Discovery website Read More

Jun 2014 - Congratulations to Andrew Younger for passing his qualifying exam!

Jun 2014 - Congratulations to Nichole Daringer for successfully defending her thesis!

Mar 2014 - NU Synthetic Biology highlighted on university home page  Read More

Mar 2014 - Niles West High School students, mentored by Andrew Younger, get invited to the Illinois State Science fair and the Intel International Science and Engineering fair in Los Angeles. Good Luck!

Mar 2014 - Congratulations to Danny Wells for being selected for a Marine Biology Lab summer course

Feb 2014 - Dr. Leonard and NU co-host UK-US workshop on Synthetic Biology Read More

Aug 2013 - Congratulations to Kelly Schwarz for being selected to the Biotechnology Training Program

Jun 2013 - Dr. Leonard receives Clarence Ver Steeg Faculty Award for graduate student mentorship

Jun 2013 - Welcome Andrew Younger to the lab!

Mar 2013 - Congratulations to Alia who was selected as an NSF Reach for the Stars Fellow

Mar 2013 - Dr. Leonard receives 3M Nontenured Faculty Award   

Jan 2013 - Leonard Lab affiliates with NU Prostate Cancer SPORE

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